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Model. AP301

What does the color indicator mean?
This air purifier comes with bulid-in sensitive air quality sensor, which uses an infrared light to detect airborne particles. The color indicator stands for different air quality condition arrounding you.

meanings of Dayette Air Purifier's Indicator

How can i know the air quality become better?
You can clearly see the color indicator changes. For details, you can refer to upper answer.

Does the unit need to be in the center of a room, or will it still work if in a corner?
For best result, please just do not place any items on the air outlet or in front of the air inlets closer than 20cm.

How many air exchanges per hour does it make on low setting for what square footage?
This air purifier is set with CADR 300+ m³/h, it can clean up to 1290ft² 1 time per hour, 258ft² 5 times per hour.

Does the air purifier come with air filter?
Each Dayette air purifier comes an original air filter packed in side of the unit. You can use it directly once set well.

Where can i get extra air filter?
Please click "product" page, you can see there are 4 kinds of filters for Model. AP301. The white one is original one, purple one is for pets allergy, blue one is for wildfire smoke, green one is for Toxin VOCs.

How often do I have to replace the filter?

The filter should be replaced every 6-8 months (3000h). But you may need to replace your filter earlier or later depending

on how often you use your air purifier. Using your air purifier in an environment with relatively high pollution may mean you will need to change the filter more often, even if the filter replace indicator not Illuminates yet.

Should I keep the unit 24/7 on?

For best results, yes. But if you are not the allergy or asthma ones, you can close your machine several hours per day. 

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